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Advertising: Instagram vs Facebook

Two weeks ago, I did an article on an in-depth analysis on the best social media platforms to advertise for your business. This week I thought it would be helpful to write a more narrowed article on specifically advertising on Instagram vs Facebook. This article will outline the differences to help you see which platform might be a better match for business.

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I went into detail on my last post about demographics on both of these platforms, but hopefully seeing these side by side will give you a better understanding of what kinds of users are on the platform.

When examining the different generations that are on both Instagram and Facebook, you can see that Facebook has an older age group than Instagram. About 72% of users are between the ages of 13-17 on Instagram, while the largest age group is the 18-29 and 30-49 year old group tied at 79% on Facebook.

Looking at these statistics, it is clear that females are the majority on both platform giving both social media platforms a good chance of reaching a female target audience. Because Instagram and Facebook are connected, it would be easy to choose both platform during the ad set up.


Studies have proven that Instagram has more brand engagement compared to Facebook. Instagram actually has the highest engagement out of all the social media platforms.

Facebook has grown to have 2.1 billion daily users while Instagram only has about 800 million daily users. Due to the large number of users, Facebook blows Instagram out of the water in terms of reach.

On Facebook, only about 32% of users engage with brands on Facebook meaning they are sharing content, reacting, and commenting on posts. While on Instagram, more than 80% of users are following a brand page and 68% of them are engaging with brands regularly.

Facebook has about 8 billion video views and Instagram mostly photos. Posting photo ads would be better for Instagram while Video ads would be better for Facebook.

The average Instagram user logins in about 10 times per day and more than half of Facebook users login in multiple times per day.


Marketing campaign are pretty costly no matter what social media platform you are using. There are also many, many factors that play into the cost of an ad.

The average cost to advertise on Instagram is about $0.70 cost per click while Facebook was found to be around $0.35. Make Facebook WAYYY more cost effective. HOWEVER, weighting in Instagrams 10x better engagement, you are probably better off choosing Instagram in terms of cost.

These numbers are average cost per clicks based on your industry.

Smart Insight blog (Linked below) have some great tips on how to go about getting your costs down on advertising.

It always helps to hire someone that knows everything about advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This will save you time and money in the long run.


Facebook has the largest audience worldwide. Their audience gives you the broadest reach. Because Facebook and Instagram are connected ad managers, the targeting guidelines are the same making the targeting test more based on the better users on each platform that fit your business.

Here is an example of what your ad will look like when you are making an ad for Facebook and Instagram.


- Facebook and Instagram have the same advertising set up and pricing options

- Facebook has a much higher reach

- Facebook Ads Manager can be confusing and hard to learn but gives you great metrics.

- Instagram has higher engagement.

- Facebook has lower average costs.

Hopefully, this post gives you some insight into more statistics about both of the platforms. Contact me if you have any questions!

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