• Haley Callahan

Building A Digital Marketing Plan

If you have ever attempted to run a marketing campaign, you know how easily things can slip your mind and how difficult it can be to stay on track with deadline. In this post, I outline some major steps to ensure that your digital campaign will succeed.

Use these steps for all planning! It could be a major campaign for a new and innovative product launch or just designing a few flyers and social media posts for an upcoming event. These steps will keep your organized and driven.

Step #1: Establish Your Goals

This step is critical in making sure you are consistently working towards your end goal. With every step you take to completing the campaign, keep your define goals at the forefront of your brain to ensure your are goal focused.

Step #2: Define the Process

Defining the process of how to complete your campaign is extremely important. You will need figure out what resources are available to you. This could be social media platforms, email campaigns, influencers, text message marketing, advertising opportunities, PR, etc. The most important resource to evaluate is the amount of money your have to allocate towards paid advertising. Throughout the process you can choose to transfer money into the media that is producing better than others.

Step #3: Set Realistic Deadlines

This step is pretty self explanatory. It is always important to set deadlines that make the most sense and are attainable. Deadlines will help to keep yourself accountable and on track so your are not cramming important parts of your campaign at the last minute. This could cause errors in your work or and illuminates any time to brainstorm and evolve the campaign as your work on it.

Step #4: Tracking the Progress of Goal Completion

Making sure to all the systems in place you will need to organize and track your metrics will help making reporting easier. Reallocating funds, pivoting your audience or approach, and many other factor can go into making sure the end result of the campaign was a success, so it is imperative to have all of these tracking systems in place before the launch of the campaign.

Step #5: Execution

The 5th and final step is to finally execute your campaign. During this time you see all your hard work pay off and get to celebrate the wins. And if things aren't turning out quite how you expected...then you can pivot. Being responsive and being able to adapt to needed changes will be a must during the execution stage. Stick with the things that are meeting your goals and expectations and modify the things that aren't.

I hope these tips are helpful and that your begin to implement this process into your digital marketing planning routine. For some other sources, I thought were helpful click the links below to check out what these other social media experts had to say.

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