• Haley Callahan

Handling Burnout From Your Career

There is a lot going on in the world right now and it can easy to fall into a rut. When working from home, there can be a lot of distraction causing you to feel unmotivated, lazy, and like you have lost your vision. Here are some tips on handling burnout and way to overcome your rut.

Over the past month, I have struggled with finding motivation. I thrive off of human interaction, so it has been very difficult for me to stay motivated. I have never not been excited to work. I love what I do, so this is completely new territory. The fitness industry has been hit hard as we have been forced to close all of our studios (of course this is what needed to be done to ensure safety), but it wasn't awesome for company culture. Having banter in the off times of classes, gives the leaders time to envision next steps and develop new ideas. It has been challenging to replace that in zoom conference calls making work discouraging. However, I have come up with something ways to cope with burnout.

1. Take Some Time For Yourself

Being selfish isn't a bad thing when you need the time and space to be alone and readjust. If you know that you won't be doing your best work by continuing to grid, then it isn't worth you wasting yours or anyone else's time. You want to feel like you are giving it your all and be satisfied with what you have accomplished. By taking 2 days to relax to take your mind off of work, you will find yourself rejuvenated and ready to go full steam ahead.

2. Change Your Scenery

Being stuck at home is never fun and can cause laziness. Before being forced to work from home, home was your place to relax and unwind. Flipping the off switch can be hard and your two worlds of relaxation and gridding are clashing. By working in your backyard or even just moving your desk to another room with more natural light, you may gain some motivation.

3. Get Inspire

Reigniting the passion for your career is one of the best things you can do for you mental health. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks that seem like they have no meaning and are completely repetitive. By diving deeper into the meaning of your career and your purpose, it can give you a new perspective on your importance. By coming up with new ideas and solving problems, it help to focus in on your purpose.

4. Sleep

Super basic right...who knew sleeping could be soo important (thats sarcasm). A lot of what you might be feeling is just due to over all exhaustion. You might find that getting some sleep makes you feel better than you could have ever imagined. Lay down, take some melatonin, stop thinking about work, and go to sleep.

5. Get a Hobby

By getting a hobby, you take your mind off of work and actually do something you will enjoy. Whether is be working out, getting outside, painting, bowling, or even learning an instrument, it will help you have an outlet to relieve some stress and take your mind off of work.

I would love to hear some of your ways to cope with career burnout. Comment and let me know what you think.

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