• Haley Callahan

The Power of Automation

Let's chat about ~AUTOMATION~ This is going to be the thing that sets your marketing strategy apart from all your competitors, make the your sales process seamless, and helps to easily manage your CRM.

Here are a few things that my company has implemented and has exponentially increased sales, increased our data collection, increased the efficiency of our CRM, and increased engagement with our customers.

Why Automation?

Marketing Automation is using ai. and online software to automate specific tasks that were previously time consuming and tedious. Now marketers can use automation to reach more customers and and allow time for other tasks. Some examples of this would be automated text messages, emails, scheduling posts, and filtering the content your customers see.

There are many different third party companies that offer these services ManyChat, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Clickfunnels.


1. Seeing your Return on Investment:

When using automation, you will quickly be able to see the sales path of your potential clients. This being said, your conversion rates and your investment into those customers is easily calculated. Being able to see that ROI will allow marketing strategy manager to adjust and reallocate funds to the greatest ROI options.

2. Connecting with Customers:

My company has really take this benefit and ran with it. We daily have review emails and text messages going out to our customers asking their opinions and seeing what we, as a company, can do to make their experience better. We ask them to post their good reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook in order to increase out SEO. We also have monthly Newsletters that go out to all contacts showcasing clients, sharing upcoming events, and giving trainer tips to our clients. Due to automation, we can evaluate the engagement on our Newsletters and retarget people that clicked on the link to our blog.

3. Streamlining Customer Service:

As stated before, using automation has increased sales exponentially. We offer new clients a free week of classes at our gym to try it out. During that week, we send automated text messages to remind new clients to sign up while their first week is still in effect. As well as emails, sharing weight loss and strength building testimonials. We can easily communicate withe the people that are interested and constantly stay in front of those potential new members.


Using automation in your business, will surely be worth the initial set up time. Being able to track performance, conversions, and engagement are all aspects a great marketing campaigns need. If you have more questions or are curious about automated systems, feel free to email me under the "Contact" tab.

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