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Top 9 Must Dos When Increasing Your Following On Social Media

Looking to increase your community with genuine and authentic followers that care about your content? Whether you are using a business account or personal account, these 9 tips will help you in your search for new followers!

#1: Create A Branded Hashtags:

Hashtagging seems to be a think of the past but it apparent it works! Take wedding hashtags for example. Everyone wants a cute, funny, and clever hashtag to use on their wedding so everyone can tag photos. Creating a branded hashtag has the same concept. You want it to be something people can relate to and use on their own photos. If you are looking to start an online movement, find out what your target audience is looking for. It could be motivation, inspiration, productivity, parenting, or even politics.

PRO TIP: Writing down all the words that encapsulate your personal or business branding will help you see get some ideas on creating your hashtag.

#2: Make Social Media Friends:

Sooooo...this one can, at times, can get a bit sticky...but trust me, it works. Making friends with people that have a similar target audience can increase your audience overnight. Obvious you don't want to blindly use others for their followers, but having an opened, mutual agreement with other aspiring businesses or influencers is a great way to gain a community that is interested in your content.

#3: Host Collaborated Giveaways:

Building on the last tip, host giveaways with other instagram accounts with your target audience. The rules of the giveaway fill ask that followers of other accounts follow your account in order to be entered in the giveaway. Many fashion and lifestyle bloggers/instagrams participate in these collaborated giveaways and it really pays off. They are sure to use products that their audience wants, making them even more inclined to enter.

To take the giveaway a step further, they often ask followers to like all of their pictures posted to their feed for an extended amount of time. Not only does this increase their followers, but it also increases their engagement on their posts.

#4: Develop A Custom Brand:

Creating a brand is extremely important. You want to make sure you aesthetic is authentic and real represents your image. A custom brand will include things like colors, images, theme, and overall content. Using the app, Preview can help you see your instagram posts before you post them to your page. You will be able to plan out your instagram posts to match your feed and aesthetic.

Another tip is to use apps like, Adobe Lightroom to create custom presets that will help match your colors on your page.

#5: Ask Your Current Followers to Engage on Your Posts:

By inviting your followers you engage with your posts, you will be able to connect with you followers and retain them. It is important to connect with the people that love your content!

Getting creative with funny comments asking them to "Come up with a caption for this picture" or "Hashtag this picture" or "What's your favorite food?". By opening up conversation, you create engagement and get to find out some things about your followers.

#6: Follow People That You Feel Will Be Interested In Your Content:

By going through and following potential followers, you bring your content directly to them. They can choose to follow your account or than can ignore you. This will expose your account to people that otherwise many have not seen your account. This increase engagement and impressions. Some recommend to make substantial gains in your followers you should start following, 50 people per hour.

#7: Become An Active Member in The Social Community:

Engaging on other accounts will only bring more potential followers to your account. Choose to engage on accounts with your target audience and be intentional with your comments. Come up with creative or funny comments that people can connect with. This will temp them to check out your page and explore your brand.

#8: Got Money To Spend? Run Ads!:

If you are looking for the easiest and most low maintenance way to increase engagement, impressions and followers, run ads that showcase your brand and will pull people to check out your channel. You will need to create an ad either seen on stories or on their feed. Many sources confirm that instagram stories are MUCH more effective than posts on a users feed.

#9: Begin Collaborating With Brands:

Similarly to collaborating with other instagram accounts, you can easily collaborate with companies that match up with your personal branding. For example, for someone that liked to adventure and loves the beach, someone might choose to collaborate with the Pura Vida Bracelet Company. If the company likes your created content, you have a potential to have your content shared on their page and exposed to many of your target audiences.

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